What Happens If I Never Trim Split Ends?

There’s a persistent belief in hair care that you must trim your hair. Either you have to trim for growth or you have to trim to get rid of split ends or “dead” ends. But is it true? Do you need to trim your hair?

What really happens if you don’t trim your split ends?

Not much.

It’s been six years since I cut my hair​

So my personal experience is this: I cut my hair from classic length to shoulder six years ago and I’m now at fingertip length. In those six years I did nothing for split ends until a couple months ago. (And I’ll explain more about what I’ve been doing in a moment).

And it’s not just me doing nothing about split ends

If we look at cultures where women don’t cut their hair ever (often for religious reasons), their ability to grow long hair is not usually impeded.

S.D.86 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

What about dead ends?

All hair is dead. There’s no specific point at which you say this hair is alive and this hair is dead. The ends can become crunchy and feel not as good. That is what people mean when they say dead ends. And there’s nothing wrong with trimming those if you want to. Your growth will be slower, though.

Trying to catch every split end

Trimming your hair regularly (what is regularly? Every six weeks? Twice a year?) can keep your hair looking thick and healthy. Without trims your hemline does usually develop taper that is called “fairy tale ends.” So if you like the look of a thick blunt hemline then trimming is for you.

What should I do about split ends?

There is another way.

Since I had never done it before I had some strands with multiple splits on them!

Your mileage may vary

For some people and some hair types split ends may impact them more than others. For those who have thin or light weight hair a few splits may be very visible and cause a look of frizz or damage. So take that into account for yourself. I just want to let you know that even hair advice that is taken as gospel everywhere you turn is not necessarily true.

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